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RCCC Chinese Language School-若歌中文學校

燦爛的陽光底下有一群笑容满面的家長們, 用盡全心全意全力的每週六带着
孩子們到學校努力學習中文!謝謝你們了! 我們一起加油吧!

We appreciate a group of dedicated parents and students who work and serve for our school
Let's work together !
 伴說伴唱學漢文, 載歌載舞學文化, 
                              說說笑笑記聖詩, 聊天敘舊話華文.
Join us. China is the fastest growing country in the area for job, business and political opportunities in a Global economy.  Chinese Language being popular in US now. 

Welcome! 歡迎你們!

We are pleased you are registering the bilingual class. This class is a conversational that welcomes all students who would like to learn the Chinese language and culture. The class is open to heritage or non-native family members who would like to write the Chinese characters in traditional or simplified form. As a language learner, you can practice speaking to native or non-native speakers, learn about ancient culture, master daily usage in Chinese, learn about traditional Chinese customs and values, and share your own culture with our students from different countries.

Lets support and cooperate one another and have fun in the Chinese school.

What is the Best About RCCC Chinese language school?

We all learn about Chinese language and culture. We not only meet every week for speaking language, learning Bible verses in Chinese, but also writing Chinese characters. All students learn from teacher and also are invited to participate in a Culture class: such as Yo-Yo and Chinese knotting etc... While conversing in comfortable settings, we explore and exchange ideas with other students to build valuable cultural customs & experiences.